This page is reserved for Texas and the Houston area programs and activities that are suitable for gifted students, parents and teachers. Sites will be added on a regular bases, so stop by often to check it out. (Please feel free to email with suggestions)

Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented is a great place to start your research on the services offered in the state of Texas.

What is the status of gifted education in the state of Texas? Here you can compare Texas with the other states. The Genius Denied site has collected the statistics.


After exploring the state, now you can zero in on the Houston Area. Rainard is a private school dedicated to the gifted population. They providing an educational environment for the gifted population in the Houston area. Be sure to visit to see if the school is right for your child.

Carnegie Vanguard High School “A special place for gifted and talented students to prepare for a higher education and a lifetime of learning.”

Stop by HoagiesGifted for more quality gifted programs available in Texas. There is a comprehensive list for every state.


Looking for activities for all the gifted members in your family (including Mom or Dad?) Visit Great Courses, select Houston and be amazed at the collection of activities available.

To quote from the home page: “Parenting the profoundly gifted child (in Texas) comes with its own unique opportunities and challenges. We hope to offer families support, insight and resources. With this website, to help you find resources to identify whether or not your child is profoundly gifted; provide a group of parents for support if your child is profoundly gifted and help you find the resources available for profoundly gifted children. We have both an online and in person support network.”


Also quoting from their homepage: Ever wonder if there was somewhere you could go to discuss gifted/talented issues pertaining to the State of Texas? Well, now there is! texastag is the venue for parents, educators, community members, reporters, elected officials, and anyone else who is interested in gifted/talented issues in the State of Texas. This is a mailing list set up to discuss educational issues, particularly gifted/talented issues, in the State of Texas. The only requirement for posts is that they pertain to Texas education, particularly the education of Texas gifted/talented students. Topics may include: the State Plan, g/t and learning disabilities, DEC visits, charter schools, support groups, legislation, vouchers, or other topics you wish to discuss.

Another mailing list that parents may find helpful. A secular support group for Texans homeschooling their intellectually gifted children To subscribe, send a message to or go the this e-group’s home page at


Alternative schooling (or unschooling) options can be found at this comprehensive site:
Taffie Homeschooling Resources

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