Change and Growth Are Good, Right?

Just to catch everyone up on my life right now. I’m still the parent of two great, grownup gifted adults (now) and married to a super creatively gifted guy (coming up on 40 years) but I’ve retired from education and teaching gifted learners. It’s still very exciting for me to read about the change and growth in the field of Gifted Education and I still am part of the Advisory Board for the #gtchat. Now that I have more time on my hands, I volunteer now with the Make A Wish organization and work to grant the wishes of children from preschoolers up to high schoolers. While this doesn’t get me in the classroom, it does satisfy my need to help, teach and learn.

Keep growing everyone! Keep learning and making a difference in our gifted learners lives! They do grow up to be adults with their own children. What they learn and understand about themselves will help them be better partners, better citizens and better parents.