Hi Gifted Students (old and new)!

The plan for this page will expand over time. For now, there will be links to some of the best sites I know for the gifted student in grades 3-6. Enjoy! And drop me a note to let me know of any good links to add in the future (

For an active list of the educational sites that I provide for my students, stop in at Live Binders for a great games to practice what you are learning in your class.

Cogito: This site has grown into a wealth of information for the high potential student. Up-to-date news, links to museums, library portals, podcasts and multimedia. This is a great place to start your research: Cogito

Nevada’s Writing Project site offers some great Writing Games for young writers. I hope you enjoy!

Rock On:

SEED: I recommend this tried and true interactive Science website sponsored SEED (provided by Schlumberger). Try the Bouyancy Explorer, then try all the rest!

We Choose the Moon is an excellent site for exploring the historic trips to the moon.

Sheppard Software has lots and lots of online games.

Have a good time with Ball Droppings!

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