This page is for those sites that I’ve visited and found useful or interesting in staying abreast of education issues, especially those related to teaching gifted. There will be the tried and true, but also a few new ones. Check back often to see what has changed. (Please feel free to suggest sites for this page. Send suggestions to

The Annenburg Internet Channel is an excellent site for teachers. Not only does it have content based programming, it also has teacher informational programming. I set my laptop up on the counter and listen while I cook or clean. (I wonder if I can download the programming onto my new iPod? Enjoy!

My son happened upon this talk at the TED website. The speaker is talking about schools and creativity. The talk is only 20 minutes long and the speaker is humorous and knowledgeable. On top of that, the entire TED site looks very interesting. Take some time to explore and listen to the other talks on the website.

Royal Fireworks Press is your source for Michael Clay publications. His indepth Language Arts curriculum is a wonderful addition to any gifted curriculum.

The Davidsons have created an excellent resource for gifted students and parents. Their online information looks at statistical data about the gifted programs across the nation, plus it provides parents and educators with a wealth of other information.

The Davidsons have also written the book, “Genius Denied” which outlines how, we as a nation, are depriving out best minds of the education and experiences they need to reach their unlimited possibilities. The Davidsons also provide a school for the profoundly gifted in Nevada. Scholarships and other monetary resources are available to families as well. If you are looking for information about the gifted, here is the place to start:

The website of Carolyn K (a parents of a gifted child) has become a fantastic source for all things related to gifted. This site has information for educators.

The Smithsonian has excellent resources for teachers.

Suite 101: This site covers aspects of educating the gifted from contracted writers.

Junior Great Books are excellent for thought provoking discussions and great creative writing.

College of William and Mary have developed language arts units that are quite comprehensive and perfect for the gifted student.

Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented always has great resources for the educator of the gifted learner.

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