You just never know

* The following was an email that I sent to the co-worker at my school in regards to the video she sent me. After I wrote the email, I decided it would be a great entry for my blog. Enjoy!

Hi Mary Grace,
I wanted to let you know of the effect that the video you sent had on the children. I showed about the first 2-3 minutes of class to the students and said that I was ‘advertising for the Nat. Geo Bee. As I watched them watch the video, their faces were all smiles and they were visibly impressed. I got 4-6 more students to sign up for the Bee before the day was done.

The best thing, though, was the social/emotional talk we had after. Our discussion included points like these:

The little girl was gifted spatially, she was highly interested in the activity, she kept coming back for more and her parents let her have more.

We’re not all gifted at everything and that’s ok. Gifted kids are sometimes “out of balance”, really smart about some stuff and not so smart about others.

Even though she was very good at what she was doing, she still needed to wiggle and dance and receive encourage from others (and she still wore diapers). She was developmentally still a 2 year old.

We also noticed that the video was on a site whose name looked Swedish or Dutch so we decided that there must be lots of kids that are gifted that live around the world.

And, lastly, they were so lucky to be at a school that lets them be gifted and kids.

So, thanks for sending the video on! You just never know where stuff like that will go!

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  1. Sounds like you had a great class, Angie! It’s so much better for kids (and all of us, really) to be able to “see” things rather than just be told.

    January 16, 2008

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