A Dream in 1939

After teaching a week of Camp Invention, catching up on errands and chores, and hosting our friends who are now on their way to Nigeria for a three year assignment, I have given myself the day to poke around the internet for interesting blogs and links. One such link comes from the InSuggest site which uses your Del.ici.ous username to assemble a list of sites that might be of interest. It was very simple to specify the tag you wanted to use to create a list. Using my ‘gifted’ tag, I found several sites I had seen before and a few new ones. The most useful ones had already been linked to this site on my Gifted Minds pages. One that I hadn’t seen before is the APA Center for Gifted Policy.

If you know much about Gifted Education, you are familiar with the issues surrounding NCLB and educating the gifted in today’s world. This site’s mission is to build awareness for gifted policies. I took the time to watch the Gifted Youth of 1939 World’s Fair video. located on the homepage. It is interesting to see how one man’s dream and ‘out of the box’ thinking provided opportunity and valuable learning experiences to about 30 students. The video is a good motivator for providing our educators resources to create this type of environment for our brightest students. Notable words I heard throughout the video were: “do, think ask” and “were willing to do the work.” Are we getting that message across to our children? The end of the video reveals the contribution that most of these students have given to our society. Enjoy!