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I’m linking to an online chat sponsored by The topic: gifted and the moderators just recently published an interesting book on the topic. Parents and educators can both glean some useful information from the chat. The main points are: gifted learners truly learn differently than others. This fact needs needs to be part of the gifted child’s academic plan, gifted educators need to inform/educate all educators about these learning needs, and parents should to educate themselves on their child’s academic needs. We should all keep in mind that when a child is tested and labeled ‘gifted’ it does not mean they are gifted in all areas. They may actually encounter additional difficulties socially and emotionally derived from their ‘giftedness’.

There are lots of wonderful sites within the chat that one can go for more information.

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  1. Lauri said:

    Thanks for this link, great stuff. I find that the fact that children aren’t gifted across the board is the most confusing for so many people. And the fact that gifted children really do learn in a different manner. Thanks, again.

    March 23, 2007

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