Summer professional development projects

I’ve been thinking about my summer professional development projects since I recently visited Clif’sNotes. At the end of the every school year while I’m clearing off my desk, taking down my bulletin boards (and this year preparing to move to a new classroom), I think about the projects I could do over the summer to make the next year more successful and productive. This was my first year in the position as a GT Specialist in a public school district NW of Houston and because of this, I have plenty of good ideas. I’m keeping the list to only three so here they are:

Further develop a social-emotional curriculum for 1st – 4th graders. I know these students now; I know the environment of the school and can make this curriculum very specific to their needs.

Create a presentation on differentiation in the gifted classroom for the teachers at my school based on a book I picked up at the TAGT conference back in December. Goal: to make differentiation succinct and easy to implement in the classrooms at my school.

Create a curriculum loosely based on the problems presented in the Continental Math League program and couple them with appropriate math games. Goal: to keep kids excited about problem solving and give them lots of opportunities to practice before the math meets.

There are obstacles in the way to accomplishing these three goals. 1) I am doing an inordinate amount of travel this summer. I have four trips out of the state and one trip out of the country 2) enjoy social media online (Twitter & Facebook) that can easily eat up time 3) have no organized place to lay things out and keep them out while I work on them, however, this is easily solved if I set up the backroom. 4) And I’m moving my classroom. This is good and bad. Good: get to organize materials from previous GT Specialist into a usable format for me. Bad: because it takes time and energy.

I’m usually pretty good about accomplishing my goals when I write them down. I’m also counting on my Twitter PLN can help to hold me accountable. What are your professional goals for the summer? How can I help hold you accountable?


  1. Clif Mims said:

    Thanks for participating in the 2010 Professional Development Meme. I’d be interested in seeing your differentiation presentation if you are willing to share it.

    June 17, 2010
  2. Hello
    Wonderful to see someone so task and goal oriented. I agree that writing your goals down goes a long way to accomplishing those goals. I write my goals down on a daily basis. Every day brings new goals. Document them and you will achieve them. Also great to see that you are so dedicated to the gifted, as I receive a lot of input about children with special needs and I feel that gifted children require a lot of attention too. Being gifted can be a lonely experience for a child. You have some good information on your blog. Well done.

    Irene Reardon

    June 26, 2010
  3. Good afternoon, Just found you on Twitter and realize you’re in Houston. This is short notice, but I have an idea for you for THIS summer’s professional development. Apply for a Fund for Teachers grant. Many applicants propose going to GT conferences, but you could propose what you want. $5,000 for individuals, $10,000 for teams. Really no strings (have to meet eligibility requirements, including teaching in a program location – like Houston – and be in classroom 50% of the time). The hitch: Apps due Friday. But if you’re interested, maybe we can work around it. See you on Twitter!

    January 26, 2011
  4. Tiffanie Pierce said:

    As a teacher of many gifted students, I find it hard to help parents when they ask for resources for their children. My district, I feel, does not offer enough for our most gifted children, and my personal resources are limited. I often refer them to websites I know of, and suggest extra activities at home, but I feel so frustrated that I don’t know how to help them more.

    January 30, 2011

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