What was it like when you learned your child was gifted?

If you are like me and most young parents, you really had no clue what being gifted meant. I knew that my son acted and talked differently than most of his preschool friends. I knew his (and my daughter’s) academic needs were above the norm. After they were identified, I had a million questions such as: How will I provide the right kind of learning environment? Why are they gifted? What am I supposed to do next? What was it like when you learned your child was gifted? That is the topic of our first Meet Up for Parents and Educators of the Gifted Child.

Our Meet Up won’t be large this time around. I expect it to grow slowly as the word gets out. But the hope is to provide the emotional support we all need when we are raising and educating a unique child. Come join us at the Tomball Library Room L212 on Tuesday, June 30 for a lively discussion with real-life parents of gifted children.

If you contact me in advance, we can set up a web cam presence for you through Skype or Mac to Mac. If you aren’t able to come, this time visit our page at Meet Up for information on our next Meet Up. Or share your story here as a comment.

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  1. Karen Yoho said:

    hope you won’t mind this “plug” for a new product that was developed by volunteers who have been there . . . The NAGC Mile Marker Series is a DVD collection of 300+ articles and resources that are not available anywhere else. The DVD follows you along (or can help show the way!) the journey from finding out your child is gifted to the last mile marker, advocating for gifted.

    Here it is on the NAGC website.

    I am going to be at the SENG conference next week to talk about it.


    July 7, 2009

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