Why is this so difficult?

You would think that with a state as big as Texas, and a community as expansive as Houston and my ability to be dual located at any one time would give me a big enough net to find the perfect job — but it doesn’t. I’ve joined a number of listservs in and outside of Texas for both the gifted teacher and the homeschooling parent of the gifted child and have come to determine that if you have lived all your life in Texas you are quite happy with what they have to offer for your gifted child (maybe not entirely true for the profoundly gifted.) If you have experienced some of the other educational situations outside of the state, you’re not. My options are still quite limited. I have my application in for a GT Specialist with an ISD nearby, have interviewed for a gifted teaching position in a different ISD, and have substituted at a small private school designed to teach the gifted population that may or may not have a teaching position open in the fall. None of these situations come close to the all day, all subjects fully supported program for 4th-6th graders team taught with another qualified gifted teacher that I had in Louisiana in a public school. Last year about this time before our move, I warned my former principal about the bad news. She and the entire staff at the school would have to move to Houston. I said this in a jokingly and complimentary way. Little did I know…..

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  1. I know all too well how hard it can be to find the right job. But we have to be patient — at least that is what everyone is telling me!

    Also, my grandson was just tested and placed in gifted in New Mexico. It is much more like what you are describing in Texas than like what you did in Louisiana. He goes for an hour a day, I think. He likes it, but it could be so much more. How is it that Louisiana is ahead in terms of gifted education? How odd that it is!

    May 29, 2007

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