It’s Finished!


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The biggest landscaping project Dave or I have ever done is finally finished. You can see the walkway and three of the planters from this view. There is one more planter just out of the picture. The stones were laid mostly by me, the sand between the stones was done by me. All the heavy stuff and lots of loads of sand and dirt were brought over by Dave.

The plants are all Native Texas plants because I figure they need the best start I can give them. I don’t necessarily have a green thumb. I just hope that all these plants like their new home. I chose white and pink blooming flowers with one deep red bottle brush just in front of the trees.

Big project! It feels good to have designed it and completed it with my husband. We make a great team! I hope your sping projects have gone as well. If not, I give you what’s left of my energy and enthusiasm. You can do it!


  1. kathy hutchinson said:

    Angie & Dave,

    It looks amazing! I know ya just love it, what a job! I am about to put out flowers in my beds this week if it doesn’t rain. Hope you have a great week! Love ya, Kathy

    March 26, 2007
  2. Cathy Johnson said:

    Angie and Dave,
    Looks great! Congrats! I guess you could say you were moving native soil, native sand and native stone too? Awesome! We just got some lantana at Brookwood for the front. Hope everyone’s flowers and plants grow! Happy Spring

    March 27, 2007

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