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It was great to learn more about my ‘writing’ buddy, Nancy on her weblog. I always knew she had far and wide experiences. When you read some of her writings you get a sense of it.

Tagged. The word brings to mind the constant games of tag we played in our front circular yard in Holly, Colorado with my two brothers and best friend, Melveta. Freeze tag was my favorite because you had to stop exactly in the position you were tagged in and you had to wait for someone to unfreeze you. Somebody always did because the more kids running around during the game, the more fun it was. Being tagged in the cyber world is similar. “You” has been chosen as the Man of the Year. It’s a funny choice, but at the same time a good choice. Anyone can post anything from radical plans to deep dark adolescent secrets that never made it past the bedroom door in years past. We’ve been ‘unfrozen’ and the ‘game is afoot’ which brings me to addressing being tagged. Here are a few interesting things about me:It seems like I missed much of the classics when I was growing up and my most recent interest has been Sherlock Holmes. I’ve also made a list of classics from several individuals and my goal is to either watch or read them in the next few years. It also seems like being 40+ has been the best time of my whole life. I’m willing to take risks in ways that I never would have before. It might not seem like much to some, but it is to me.
Other interesting things: My husband and I have been married 24 years now. I’m the only one in my family with a Master’s degree and I like all kinds of music, except Opera and screamy rock. I’ve been exploring World music recently. I’ve been interested in photography since high school, hence the large collection of photos on my flickr and MSN accounts. My favorite color is blue, favorite time of the day is dusk, favorite drink is coffee, favorite thing to buy is a purse, all of which could change tomorrow. My most unfavorite thing is being cold and cleaning bathrooms (which I should be doing right now). I’m looking forward to two trips this year; one to Paris to see my daughter and her world and one back to the BVI’s.

Weird coincidence: The summer before Katrina my mind was ‘munching’ on what it would take to disrupt life in Mandeville. I thought about keeping food on the grocery store shelves and gas in the gas stations. I thought about loosing electricity in a whole region and how people would cope. I mulled this kind of stuff around for a couple months, then I got busy setting up my classroom for the start of school. Then, Katrina hit at the end of Sept. Large hurricanes have a way of disrupting life. We made it though just fine although after our visit to New Orleans last week, many people are still working their way through.

Faith wise: I’m a Christian, I won’t deny that but I’m a questioning Christian right now. I don’t like what I see in church and in the news. One’s relationship with God and Jesus is personal, not political. I’m ready for an intellectual study of the Bible based in fact and history drawing in all the new archelogical data we’ve discovered, working to create a big picture of humanity and religion. My current novel is by James Michener called, “The Source” which fits my current questioning status. I just finished a section where the archeologist was told that if he read Deuteronomy five times, he would have a good understanding of the Jewish people and their history. He read it two times in the King James Version, twice in an English version written by Jewish scholars and lastly, in Hebrew. Apparently, there are vast differences in the three. Now that’s intellectual! Perhaps we all should delve into intellectual things, and there would be more understanding in our world.

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  1. It’s funny what you can learn by asking. Thanks for letting us into your world a little bit more, Angie!

    When are you traveling? I’ll be looking for the pictures!

    January 4, 2007

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