Through my house

My HomeBy Rishabh

I see a red brick house with damp green grass. When it is spring where the birds sing on the branches of the trees. When I come closer I feel like I’m going in to the future. When I open the door there is a rush of cold air that hits my face and smells like modern appliances. I see a leather couch ahead and a new polished dining table at my right. I go to my left and open a door to be welcomed by peaceful music. Now I feel I am going into the past with all the simple painting on the walls. I come closer to an instrument, my favorite instrument. I examine like I have never seen it before. I go upstairs to go into the future with video games and DS lites. Where there are laptops, computers, remote controlled vehicles and other things to see. Then, I enter the kitchen being confronted by new and refreshing smells of different kinds of foods. I now feel I’m in the present time. Next I go to the bedroom and I feel cozy and sleepy. Feeling that the bed is pulling me towards itself and telling me to take a nap, a short nap. I thought maybe another time, and I walked out to the backyard where nature welcomed me with lots of things to do, I walked back to the bedroom and looked at the time and fell asleep on the cozy warm bed saying its bed time.


  1. Angie said:

    I like how you gave your bed the characteristic of pulling you to take a nap in this piece. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your work to see what words you would use. In this piece, I saw: confronted, polished, refreshing, examine.
    Good work!

    July 14, 2007
  2. I liked the way you talked about feeling like you were in the past, present and future in different parts of your home. I think a lot of us have old and new in our houses, and they both make us happy and help us feel at home.

    July 17, 2007

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