Embedded Reporting


July12, 2007

Hieroglyphics (Embedded Report)

In hieroglyphics, they were making papyrus bookmarks and scrolls with hieroglyphics. Mrs. Wanda put some coffee in a mug and a picture of a priest comes out. I heard people humming and talking. I felt the room is very messy because they were using paint and glitter. I thought they were doing really good.


  1. Angie said:

    I would love to know how Mrs. Wanda made the picture of a priest come out – as the reader you have made me want to learn more. Good Work!

    July 14, 2007
  2. I liked that you heard humming and talking. Many times we don’t take time to listen, and we miss a lot because of it. Good job!

    July 17, 2007

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