Hey Y’all

Alrighty, I’m Happy Zen, or Zennie. Any friends will, of course, know my real name. Ayway, I’m fourteen, and I live in Texas, which is cool. I don’t, however, plan on living here for the rest of my life. No way. I want to live in Italy….or Spain. Or both, haha.

I LOVE theoretical physics, and I have a proffesor mentoring me. I’m also a big philosophy person, and I really liked a three week class I took on philosophy of the mind. I think I’ll be a neurologist someday, so you can all look for Dr. Happy Zen when you’re older. I would probably go into neurology research though, because if anything else happens to have something to do with sticking a needle in somebody’s brain….forget it.

As far as recreational goes, I have been fencing competitively for about three…almost four years. All around, four and a half to five years. I started in foil and I am now in epee, and I love it. A recent hiatus proved that. Oh I missed it…and my Russian coach of course. So I went back this months before the competitive season really kicks off to get some lessons in which(may I add) are going fantastically. I love to write and draw, but I stick to what I know so if anyone knows a good online place to learn how to draw realistically(animals hopefully) I’d love you forever if you gave me the link.

I love Phantom of the Opera, and I saw Wicked in April, which is so amazingly fantastic and I cried in both. Hahaha, I guess that’s not saying much because it doesn’t take much to make me cry. Oh well.