My House

My House


I see a 1 story house with 3 pine trees; the driveway is empty, and the curving path to the front door is surrounded by bushes. The bricks are red. I walk towards the front door, and I see a regular-sized door with a beautifully designed window. I see a tile with a rug in the middle; straight ahead I see my living room. To my right I see my music room, and to my left I see a hallway. I go to my living room, and I see my parents. I can smell something cooking, and my 1-year old brother is walking around. I move towards my brother. He makes me happy when he giggles. He looks at me and starts laughing. I go to my room and I play with my miniature basketball toy. It makes me smile. I have a hamster, and his name is Fidgety. He is cleaning his face. I go to my kitchen my dad is there. He is cooking my favorite food, steak. It smells very good. I see the sink full of dishes. As I go back to my room, I walk past the hall. I see pictures of me when I was young. I trot into my room, and I get my baseball cards. They are special to me because I have collected them for a long time, and now I have a huge collection. I look at the pictures of the players, and then I turn them around and look at their statistics. I remember when I got my first baseball card. I go to my backyard and it is very muddy. I sit down in a chair, and it is hot and humid. I look at the clouds. For awhile, I just sit there, thinking of how lucky I am compared to some people in the world.


  1. Angie said:

    This was so enjoyable to read. The description of the objects you mentioned makes the reader feel closer to you as the writer. I can tell that you really prize your baseball card collection and that you truly appreciate all that you have. Keep writing!

    July 14, 2007
  2. I really like the fact that your brother makes you happy. I bet you make him happy, too!

    July 17, 2007

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