Doggie Paradise

You should see them now! They are sprawled on the couch; one with her head perfectly resting on the arm rest next to the end table and lamp shade, snoring like a demon, the other completely out. Yep, life was tough at the doggie paradise for 10 days. I guess all those other cellmates wouldn’t let Tille and Nemo sleep enough. And to make things worse, apparently Daddy made arrangements for them to be in a 1/2 inside, 1/2 outside cell. They actually had to put up with the sun. Darn, I forgot to send sunscreen (and sandals, and towel and beach umbrella and doggie soda and sunglasses….) You get the picture. It is quite funny exactly how “out” they are! Usually, Tillie is bugging me about food about now. She is only bugging me with that deep snore. Just wait, in about 12 weeks, they will have a large-fenced yard to roam in during the day. Then I wonder when they will sleep?