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My House


I see a 1 story house with 3 pine trees; the driveway is empty, and the curving path to the front door is surrounded by bushes. The bricks are red. I walk towards the front door, and I see a regular-sized door with a beautifully designed window. I see a tile with a rug in the middle; straight ahead I see my living room. To my right I see my music room, and to my left I see a hallway. I go to my living room, and I see my parents. I can smell something cooking, and my 1-year old brother is walking around. I move towards my brother. He makes me happy when he giggles. He looks at me and starts laughing. I go to my room and I play with my miniature basketball toy. It makes me smile. I have a hamster, and his name is Fidgety. He is cleaning his face. I go to my kitchen my dad is there. He is cooking my favorite food, steak. It smells very good. I see the sink full of dishes. As I go back to my room, I walk past the hall. I see pictures of me when I was young. I trot into my room, and I get my baseball cards. They are special to me because I have collected them for a long time, and now I have a huge collection. I look at the pictures of the players, and then I turn them around and look at their statistics. I remember when I got my first baseball card. I go to my backyard and it is very muddy. I sit down in a chair, and it is hot and humid. I look at the clouds. For awhile, I just sit there, thinking of how lucky I am compared to some people in the world.


You got to warm up a frog slowly,

By Scott

First, put a frog on a bed of wood. Then, get a long, straight, sturdy stick and rub it on the frog. Blow on it. Don’t let it in contact with wind. After five minutes, it should elongate and turn brown. Then it should ignite. A perfect campfire!


Where I am from
By Nisha

I am from the beaches of
Minnesota, swimming in swimming pools, playing with friends and having sleepovers.

I am from the jungles of
India, the Rainforests of Africa, the tiny forests of my house.

I am from Webkinz World, watching TV, the fireworks of 4th of July and waking up after dreams.

I am from Christmas, Easter, Halloween, New Years Eve and Valentine’s Day.

And I am from a leaf of my family tree.



Once, there was a frog circus, where frogs were trained to do amazing tricks like jumping in the air, rolling over, and doing flips. People from all over the world came to watch these performers. It was a magnificent sight. Sometimes on special occasions, they would bring in the “Golden Frog”. This was the elite frog. Although he was not really golden, they always showed a bright gold light at him to make him look golden.

On one special occasion, The Golden Frog was brought out to do amazing tricks like it was supposed to. The crowd was pumped up and excited to see the golden legend. They laid the frog on stage without any warm-up. The frog didn’t do anything. The crowd started to chant, “GOLDEN FROG! GOLDEN FROG!” The frog just sat there. When they bribed the frog with some insects, the frog jumped high in the air! The crowd got louder. The frog was about to land…



Embedded Report

By: Manisha

I did my report on Hieroglyphic Mystery Codes. This is one of the summer classes at

Rainard School. I have important information about this class for you to read.

· What building are they in? Where are they? They are at Rainard School and are in building A.

· What do I see? I see the teacher explaining to the students about dung. Also students are writing.

· What are they doing? They are writing and painting Hieroglyphics.

· What can I hear? I can hear the teacher and students talking. The kids are asking for help on their projects. They are talking about laughing and glitter.

· What do I feel physically? I feel the cool breeze of the A.C.

· What are they using? What materials are they using? They are using information, books, paint, paint brushes, paper, water, markers, spices, glitter, and cups.

This is my embedded report. I hope you found my information that I recorded was interesting.

Thank you!


Where I’m FromBy Jerel

I’m from humid, breezy afternoons in September. I’m from playing baseball with my team.I am from eating warm apple pie with cold ice cream.I am from going to Sea World with my friends in a big charter bus.I am from shooting water from water guns at my friends on a hot, summer day.I am from watching TV while lazily lying on a couch, from playing games on my computer.I am from sliding at an almost 90 degree angle on a water slide at Schlitterbahn,
Galveston. I am from watching bright fireworks rocket up into the black sky, and then exploding like a bomb, shooting sparks everywhere.I am from watching the horrible new about the devastating Hurricane Katrina hitting Louisiana, from watching huge tidal waves hit a beach on TV.I am from blowing the candles on my ice cream birthday cake.

Where are you from?



July12, 2007

Hieroglyphics (Embedded Report)

In hieroglyphics, they were making papyrus bookmarks and scrolls with hieroglyphics. Mrs. Wanda put some coffee in a mug and a picture of a priest comes out. I heard people humming and talking. I felt the room is very messy because they were using paint and glitter. I thought they were doing really good.



Embedded Reporter
In the cooking class, they were making pizza. They were making the dough, and there were lots of flour everywhere. I could learn lots of pots panging together. Everybody was laughing because somebody was about to sit in a tiny a chair. A kid was telling a joke. Everybody was becoming very distracted.

They became settled eventually when they began talking about yeast. It smelled very good in the kitchen; they were kneading the dough. Everybody started talking again when a teacher walked through.

It was very cozy in the room, and the temperature was just right.

The yeast started to smell like old cereal. The yeast was fermenting. I just learned that beer has yeast.

Overall the class was interesting. I learned a lot of facts personally.



Once there was a really strange frog. He liked the warm water instead of the cold water. One day he was basking in the sun. He said, “What a beautiful day for a swim in the pond.” The pond was always warm so he jumped right in! Splash! The water was a freezing cold!!! “O no whatever shall I do?” he cried helplessly. There was a child there and he saw that the frog was shivering. He felt bad for the frog. He carefully picked up the frog and gently warmed it up. “You got to warm a frog early,” he said to himself. He started to laugh and the frog started to croak and giggle too. It was a happy day for them both, because the frog had been saved by a jolly old boy. The boy had fun saving the frog. The boy ran to his house and put the frog in his own warm pond.


Where I’m from?By: Rishabh                                                                                               

I’m from Sea World with all the sea creatures, Disney World, Schlitterbahn with all my family to have water fun, India to visit the rest of my family, Canada, with snow fun, Dubai to see fascinating things, and
Texas where my home is. I’m from yummy pizzas, cakes, pasta, and cookies. I come from a religious Indian family and we live in
Katy, Texas. I’m from sports that include Tennis, Soccer, and Tae kwon-Do. I’m from delicious fast food places including Subway, Taco Bell, Taco Cabana, Pizza Hut, Palio’s, and the cold Smoothie Factory.


I spotted this link while visiting my friend’s website (Nancy) and thought I would try it out. I can see where this can become a very useful site for educators. Off the top of my head, a teacher could use it to give instructions on a particularly confusing homework assignment or give verbal directions for a classroom project. Thanks to Nancy to bringing it to my attention. There’s a great big world out there on the internet!

How to Make a Banner Voice Thread



Originally uploaded by afrench2.

While I am on the subject of being proud….my sister sent me this photo of Dwight and his co-workers on the USS Truman. Dwight’s been with this ship for a number of years now and is a more senior guy. I believe that his current 3 week tour (May 2007) is one of several short cruises he’s made. He’s also had several 3 month cruises over the past years. He looks too happy to consider retiring from the Navy but that may be his plan in the near future.

At the same time, being a Navy wife and mom is not an easy thing to do. Kudos to my sister (who is ten years younger than me). She’s really grown and matured over the past years! She and Dwight have three great kids, one will graduate high school next year.

Say what you want about the government that leads this country, but you have only to say “Thanks” to the men and women who work daily to preserve our and others freedoms!

Dwight is sitting to the right of the picture. If you click on the picture, it will direct you to my Flickr account where you can wave your mouse pointer over the crew to locate exactly which one he is. A note will pop up when you are correct.



Originally uploaded by afrench2.

Ten days in Paris during April! What a fantastic time to plan a visit. We had so many wonderful experiences and came back with a new appreciation for our culture and French culture. Visit my flickr account to see more pictures and comments about our visit. Email me if you want to know some good places to visit! Also, many thanks to the State of Louisiana for providing Amber with tuition these past three years. Because of their investment, she can translate from French to English and back again with ease. Let’s hope she uses this skill in her future to better the world!


So my son has suggested that I get my site linked to the best search engine for blogs on the ‘net, Technorati. <a href=”” rel=”me”>Technorati Profile</a>

What’s really cool about that is he has a friend of a friend who just got on at Technorati. The fellow used to live in Baton Rouge and he used to teach elementary school.

Don’t know if this will be a good thing or a bad thing.  Well, here goes….


Do you have a quote for educating the gifted child, teaching the gifted child or parenting the gifted child. Please feel free to send your suggestions to

  • “Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see.” (Arthur Schopenhauer)
  • “Every child deserves an equal opportunity to struggle.” (Mary Landrum)
  • “Expecting all children the same age to learn from the same materials is like expecting all children the same age to wear the same size clothing.” (Madeline Hunter)
  • “One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar!” (Helen Keller)
  • “You can never hold a person down without staying down with him.” (Booker T. Washington)
  • “Give me rigor or give me mortis!” (Michael Clay Thompson)
  • “Poor is the pupil who does not surpass his master.” (Leonardo da Vinci)
  • “There is nothing so unequal as the equal treatment of unequals.” (Justice Felix Frankfurter)
  • “The pupil who is never required to do what he cannot do, never does what he can do.” (John Stuart Mill)


Tomorrow afternoon I am committed to my first substitute job in a public school. It’s only for a half a day but I thought it would be a good starting point. I’m actually set up and ready to take on sub jobs for three different public school districts in the area and have been for some time. I just haven’t followed through on it.  I have substituted for a private school, though.

I have to think differently.  Most teachers wake up every morning and know just exactly what they will do and when they will do it. They are expected to be in their classroom everyday, prepared and ready. I was when I worked full time. I function best this way. Now, I have to be prepared to have an answer when a substitute job call comes, if it comes at all. Take for instance this past Monday. I had two calls to substitute and I wasn’t really prepared to say a definitive ‘yes’ or ‘no’. It took me a moment to think, “Oh yea, I can’t because I’m promised my son time to get his passport and his oil changed on his car.” Now, the schools don’t need to know detail but I have to be prepared with an answer when the call comes. I also have to know what day and date of the week it is!

So, I have to think of a way to be prepared but in a different way – a different mindset. It’s enough to make me want a full time job tomorrow! I am a planner and I nearly always follow through with my plans for the day.

I look back at how much time has elapsed since we moved here and how I am just now really ready for other responsibilities besides the dogs and the house. It’s been 7 months. Sometimes I think I should I feel guilty for not ‘using my degree’ for this long. I also think what I might be like had I gone back to work full time right when we moved in July. My guess is I would be quite stressed. Our family has been through a lot after Hurricane Katrina came through. I think the time away from a full time job was a wise thing to do. I know I will be a better teacher because of the time to adjust and reflect. So, substituting is a way of staying flexible, staying in education and being available for my family. How long will I substitute? Not sure. It might be until the end of the school year or longer.  I will just have to see what opportunities come up and how they fit my priorities at the time.



Gifted Education Uncategorized

I recently attended the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented in Austin Texas.  There were a few quotes that, to me, were thought provoking or funny.  Here they are:

“Show me your passion.”  J. Delisle (This was stated during his key note speech regarding what teachers could say to a student rather than “show me your product.”  As teachers, we are too often interested in what the children can do, rather than what they are highly interested in.  If we give a child the option to do an independent product, we should let it be independent.  Let them show us their passion.)

“How can one be proud of a straight “A” report card when the work involved was so little.”  J. Delisle (This was a quote from a graduating senior that he read from a book he had written.  This student did not have to work hard to get her diploma, she was never challenged in high school.  How many of our brightest minds feel the same way, and furthermore, how many of our brightest minds just quit school, take the GED and get off to college a year or semester quicker.  As educators and record keepers, we may never know.)

“Set your student’s goals very high – so high it makes you nervous.”  M. Thompson (You could tell this man was an excellent teacher who could move kids to that higher level.   In this particular breakout session, he was showing us how learning Greek and Latin stems could increase a student’s vocabulary at a tremendous rate.  He also had a list of 100 classic words that our youngsters should be exposed to early on.  His examples of listing words from a story and asking us what story it was from was thought provoking.  His first example was James Barrie’s “Peter Pan”.  There are many classic words in the story which we, as educators, are told students aren’t ready for yet but they are.  I believe this presenter was ‘right on the mark.’)

“It’s hard to learn nonsense.”  M. Thompson  (Sometimes what we teach is not presented in a way that makes sense to a gifted learner either because it is information they already know or there is no cohesive, organized manner in its presentation.  We have to know our students.)

“We know things that others don’t realize, we are teachers.”  M. Thompson (This statement stands on its own.)

“Enrichment is great but it is not sufficient for the gifted appetite.”  J. Juntone (Gifted students want real life, important work, they want to know that what they are asked to do has some importance, purpose.)

“It takes an awful lot of study to be stupid.”  J. Delisle from a reading from “Star, Bright” a novel.  This student had learned to read well before kindergarten.  In kindergarten, she was told by the teacher that should could not read or cut with scissors yet.  Star decided that to ‘unlearn’ what she had learned was the best way to satisfy the teacher.

“Giftedness is a greater awareness, a greater sensitivity, and a great ability to understand and transform perceptions into intellectual and emotional experiences.”  A. Roeper (J. Delisle likes this quote from his ‘grandma’ in regards to defining what gifted means.  AnneMarie Roeper is 89 years old, she just published a novel about being gifted and being elderly.  She also played a key role in the Roeper Review which now is a respected repository for studies and reports in many fields.

“Being great means tackling every challeng as they come along.”  How often do you hear a teenager say this.  One gifted student in J. Delisle’s studies wrote this.

“Stop paying interest on a bill you never owed.”  J. Delisle (Think about this as it relates to your life….)


An Update:
Winter 2008
What a learning process! Even with the educational background of working with gifted children, there is always much more to learn. I’m enjoying the challenge but at the same time I’m almost overwhelmed with the curriculum planning to keep up with these ferocious learners and all their aspects and peculiarities. Today, I’m taking the test to become fully certified to teach gifted in TX. Wish me luck!

August 2007
I have found a job! After a year vacation from the field of teaching, I am now the Humanities teacher at Rainard School in West Houston. I had subbed there off and on during the spring of last year. It’s great to be teaching again although the schedule is taking some time to adjust to.

Early 2006


I’m in Texas, actually, back in Texas. We lived here over 13 years ago. At that time, I had babies. Then we moved to Louisiana, just north of New Orleans. I educated my children in St. Tammany Parish and eventually, I became a teacher in the district. I studied over 8 years to earn my teaching degree and masters. I also worked on my gifted certification and taught gifted 4th-6th graders for three years. It was worth every bit of effort and time. Gifted children are mostly a joy to teach.

My children are off to college or working now. They were educated in the gifted program in St. Tammany Parish schools. My son started in 5th grade, my daughter started in 1st grade. In addition to raising two gifted children, I live with a gifted man. If there was a poster child for the creatively gifted in the 1960-70�, he would have been on it. Actually, learning about the creatively gifted has helped me to understand how he functions. I would have to say that I have been exposed to every stage of a gifted individual’s life up to the mid 40’s.

Now, why did I tell you all this? To give you a background for where I am coming from and where I am now. I�m looking for a job to advocate for or teach the gifted child. This year is like a personal sabbatical. I’ll be subbing and visiting a whole bunch of schools in the area. I’ll be looking for a gifted position like the one I had in Louisiana. I can be patient. I can figure out the districts in Houston near me. This weblog will be a journal of that process along with random munchings from my brain. I hope you enjoy.